Here are recent pages I made in my From here to There album. This album documents our summer and our relocation from Hong Kong to Gatineau. We are almost home now….we leave Montreal in a few days and will finally settle into our new home for the next two years.
These two spreads were done while we were still in Gaspé.

This next one was done on the road to Montreal (that is a 10 hour road trip people!). For the return trip, we cut it in two and slept in a motel near the water. Just lovely.

I documented some of my favorite views while on the road.

The road home follows the course of the St. Lawrence river. This is a big river; in French we say ‘fleuve’ for which there is no translation in English. It’s too bad because ‘river’ doesn’t capture the majesty of this body of water. About halfway in, there are tides and it smells like the sea. At that point, it is so wide you cannot see the other side.

The St. Lawrence is very special to me. My husband comes from one end of it and I come from the other…and we met in the middle. So seeing the river makes me happy and I wanted to capture that feeling.

And finally we are back in my home city, Montreal. Man, I love this place. One of my biggest wishes is to actually live here. I am so happy to spend two weeks here and rediscover my city.

This part of our vacation is different. No beaches here, no farm, no forest. This is summer in the city. Which doesn’t mean no nature! There are afternoons spent walking on the Mount-Royal, picnics and fun playgrounds, farmers markets, sipping a cold beer on a terrace and people watching, BBQs and evening with friends.

These pockets were perfect for me add in some ephemera, including a card from a vintage playing deck, a bus pass and a strip of paper from my Bixi rental (which is the public bike system in Montreal and the best idea ever).

Love all the water games in the cityparks around our neighborhood (so do the kids!).

So there you have it, another view of my summer so far. Thanks for coming by!