Today is International Women’s Day. I am starting a new collaboration project with Sofia. I had the pleasure of being a guest on Sofia’s podcast (in French) late last year. It was so interesting to chat about art journaling and creativity in French. I don’t often have that possibility. You can listen to the podcast episode here.
During that conversation, we figured it would be interesting to collaborate on a project. So here we are, a few months later, with a common project called Force et vulnérabilité (strength and vulnerability). We will be art journaling around this theme in our journals and sharing on Thursdays.
Here is my first spread:
This is in French, which I have hardly done. Most of my art journaling is in English. So I am so excited to try this. A fresh take! It says ”a cage can exist for more than one reason; it protects and keeps in”.

It’s not easy to translate, but what I am trying to convey is that when you are a sensitive person, a cage can protect your heart from too much emotion. This is the vulnerable side. But it also contains the heart that is too full of emotion, so it doesn’t explode outward when it comes into contact with the rest of the world. This is where the strength lies.

I liked playing with ink and a few bold paint strokes. I am using a small notebook that has yellow pages.

I made a quick second spread using a really old Fatma hand stencil. This was a stencil that my sister-in-law brought back from India many years ago. I’ve just now started to use it.

It says ”a hand can invite, a hand can push back”.

I am thrilled to start this exploration of both sides of my feminity and doubly so with Sofia. Please check out her work and let us know what you thinks of Strength and vulnerability. Which side calls to you more?