Ok, so I’ve taken the bull by the horns. After asking some of my favorite designers what programs they use for their designs, I’ve decided to give Photoshop a try. I got a wonderful present from my husband this Christmas…an amazon gift certificate!

In the spirit of elevate (see this post), I have just enrolled in my first Skillshare class. Introduction to Photoshop with Meg Lewis. I enrolled through a friend and got 10$ off. I’m pumped to give it a go! Matbe I’ll even graduate to Illustrator after this…who knows?

If any of you are interested in taking self-paced online classes, take a look at what Skillshare has to offer. If you go through my link, we both get 10$ off! They have lots of interesting classes like modern calligraphy (got my eye on that one!), design tools and small business workshops.


Thanks for taking a look!