I have just finished my Fire Burning Bright journal and added it to the gallery. I started this journal in September 2017. In it, I wanted to explore the fact that I, a Water elemental, was attracted to the element of Fire. There is a whole lesson in Totems on Elemental Magic and how the elements can support our art.

It is interesting to me to document these different sources of inspiration. Playing with Fire so to speak helped me change my perspective on some things that were happening in my life. It helped me address these circumstances.

This was a journal that could contain some of the anger or frustration that was choking me, thus helping to alleviate some of the hold these events had on me.

As things progressed in my life and I started to heal, this path showed up in the journal as well. I love the idea that our art also documents our inner landscape. This journey through Fire was but a start but I like the idea of a place holder for these emotions.

Have you ever thought of documenting this way? Of creating a journal just for exploring your emotional / elemental journey? I definitely recommend doing so.

PS: The journal I used was made by Erin Faith Allen and can be found here.