I had to do some catching up in the Find Your Voice workshop when I returned from vacation. I didn’t want to leave my notebook unfinished. So here is my take on lesson 6.
On my style and techniques I want to try.

I added some black gesso on the left and white on the right page.

I’ve been hoarding these thickers with Kal Barteski’s script but am determined to use them.

The next page follows up on this idea : use what you have. You have a bunch of big stickers? Use them. 

You don’t have the letters you need in your alpha stickers page? use the outline! Cut up the other letters and turn them into the ones you need!

This spread is about one of my very favorite stories ever : the Franklin Expedition and the fate of its members. On the right, I am writing out the reasons why I want to tell my stories.

I am enthralled by this story for many reasons and on many levels.

And the reason I discovered this story is when I read another one…isn’t that cool?

And this is why I tell my own stories.

 And my final page:

What I learned and how I’ll keep going.

 Thanks for coming by. Next Tuesday, I’ll be sharing a flip through of my whole notebook. Big thanks to Kristin for offering such a full workshop for free!