Oh, I’m excited about this. Kristin has created and is hosting Find Your Voice 2, a free six-week workshop to help you document your story. Yes, FREE. I will be a contributor to this workshop. I’m a big believer in telling your stories, big or small, good or bad, trivial or life changing. Kristin and I are like-minded for that!
I love her approach to storytelling. This workshop is packed with so much and the fact that is free? I mean you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain by checking it out.
There is a kit available. And in true Kristin style, there is a story behind the kit. There are many versions of the kit to make it versatile, affordable, inspiring. There is a philosophy about it. I invite you to read her words about this:


While you are at it, take a look at the new stamp lines she has created. Everything you need to document your stories. All of them.

You can register for Find Your Voice here. We start on July 1st. I hope to see you then.

disclaimer : opinions are all my own. I just love working with Kristin.