In 2017, Rebecca and I decided to work on a fabric journal together. It took almost a year but we finally finished this lovely collaboration. Throughout the journal, a theme emerged: that of being lunar beings that go through phases and ages. So we called it Fiercely Lunar.

Rebecca built the base of the book and it was already brimming with inspiring layouts. My skills are not as developed as hers and I’ll admit to beng overwhelmed at first!

So I just followed my intuition and tried not to let that intimidate me and I just went for it. I also had to be mindful of my injured arm which limited what I could do.

My favorite part of this collab was playing off Rebecca’s beautiful stitching. Even the backside of her stitched wolf (that you see above) is beautiful.

I mean just look at that skeleton! And the stitched font! So good.

A lot of my pieces dealt with imagery related to Frida and her garden, life and death.

I am so grateful to Rebecca for expanding my art horizons!