I really love to work in my Project Life albums. I started in 2012 and am keeping up with it in 2013. Here is a list of my go-to sites for Project Life cards. These are my personal preferences, I am not affiliated with any of these companies.

1. Becky Higgins products

The original! Becky Higgins created the Project Life system.  Her site is definitely the first place to go to get started. Because I live in Hong Kong, I usually choose the digital versions of the collections and then print out what I need. This way I save on shipping. Plus, the physical BH editions have rounded corners and I prefer to keep mine squared.

My favorite editions are :

-Seafoam : I love the bold graphics and colors, the clean text all appeal to me

-Midnight : again for the colors and graphics, who says no to yellow, white, black and grey?

-Wellington : although officially a ‘childhood’ edition the black, white, grey and red colors blend in with the other kits and can be mixed in

-Jade : this one is not out yet, but I’ve got my eye on it. Very colorful (which I love) and the graphics are just doodle-y enough for me


2. Studio Calico

I’m a subscriber to their Project Life kit. I love it! The color palettes are always right and I love the mix and match of the product lines. These kits introduce me to various embellishments that I would not have bought on my own. This way I can try them out and see if I like them. I particularly love their stamps.


3. Various designers

A lot of very creative people offer lovely journaling cards and stamps in their online shops or on their blog. My favorite are :

– Marcy Penner : soft color palette and lots of room to write

– Life love paper : beautiful screenprints and stamps

– Blinks of life : love the calligraphy

– Elise Joy : great stamps

– Dearest someday : love her PL card packs (they are not digital)

-Balzer designs : colorful printable cards

There many other places to look at, for example on Etsy, Paislee Press or at the Lily Pad. People are so creative and it is easy to find a style of card or product that fits your own.