When we were repatriated in February from China to Canada, it turned our lives upside down. China was dealing with the onslaught of Covid-19 which has since moved on to the rest of the world…including Canada where we are still.

So to help me cope, I created what I called my Emergency Art Journal, a container for the feelings and emotions that threatened to overwhelm me in this strange new time.

This is a Fabriano sketchbook. The pages get really crinkly but it was inexpensive and the size was exactly how I like it. I used this journal for all the raw art that needed to get out.

When we arrived, I bought a basic art supply kit: a journal, a few paints, dry pastels, some pens and brushes. I also bought some magazines and some Japanese washi paper. I have some wallpaper sample books stored at my mother’s place so I went through them and cut out a few pieces for me to use.

I was also very lucky to have received paper care packages from my artist friends. I feel so grateful to have received some beautiful ephemera that really speaks to me from all over the world. Probably my favorite perk of being able to actually receive mail in Canada.

I love that I have this reminder of what my heart is going through during this time. I don’t need to mention the virus specifically, just my reactions to it are enough.

I completed this journal on April 3rd. I am not sure yet if I will make a second one or just integrate any spreads I have still in me to another journal. i am letting myself sit on that for a bit.

Thank you for taking a look. I hope you are doing as well as can be expected during this pandemic.