I was a little sad when 30 Days of Lists ended, I really like having a daily creative outlet. So I was on the lookout for something quick and easy to do, but also fun and challenging.
Enter Doodle a day by @ellolovey. It’s a monthly doodle project on Instagram where your get a daily prompt and you draw it. This was great because it’s not to time consuming, I get to practice my doodling skills and I got to use the stitched Moleskine journal I bought from Handmade Modern.
I decided on a few simplke rules : I would try to have a certain stylistic continuity to the project. Because it’s called Doodle a day, I wanted it to be just that : a doodle. So no watercolor, no colored crayons, just a black pen and the paper. I alos wanted it to be done in a doodling style, so sometimes childlike and many times different from the real image. I also wanted a simple date stamp at the bottom.
So here you have the first half of my doodles for this project. Follow along and see my other doodles here.