Hello all. I’m not sure how interested you all are in how I documented my summer travels, but I thought I’d share a few pages and some tips here. I used a Traveller’s Notebook size cover with three inserts. One has sketchbook paper inside and was meant for just that: sketches and watercolor drawings. I used that one much less than I had anticipated.

The other two inserts were blank and grid ones. I used those as a daily diary type of journal. I love using up my ephemera stash in these travel journals. I usually prepare a kit if these before leaving and then I supplement with found ephemera.


In my kits, I usually have 3-4 washi tapes, some word phrase stickes, some alphabet stickers, some accent stickers and bits of old maps. I always rip out images from the airline magazine, there is a lot in there.

I also love, love, love to add business cards and brochures to my travel journal.

I feel like the text is kind of boring in that there isn’t that much depth or introspection. But it is for sure a day by day account of what we did and who we saw.

Washi tape is great as a decorative element on its own, but also as a way to create flaps or tip ins.

In the page below, both sides of the business cards were nice so I used washi to create flaps with them.

I often look through my vintage postcards/photos stash to find ones that feature places or monuments we will see, like this one of Percé Rock.

Concert tickets, movie tickets, museum tickets; all tickets look great in these journals in my opinion.


Of course, being me, I did write down all the feels I had about leaving Canada to go back to China.

I shared most of my sketches on Instagram. This is one of my favorites from Roma: the Colosseum. I loved that city so much. This was the first time I didn’t make my own inserts and I must say I prefer to have my sketches integrated with my other documenting. This booklet seems so empty now.

Thanks for taking a look! I’d love to know if you ever sketch in your travel journals or if you keep them for words only.