In 2019, I decided not to buy a planner and to try my hand at a bullet journal/planner hybrid. I have an insane amout of stickers and washi tapes and I was looking for a way to use them. I bought this beautiful journal from Archer and Olive. What did it for me was the 160 gms pages. I always start a new journal with a pen test page.

And look: no bleed through!

I included a page with my One Little Word for the year.

My bojo will have a definite witchy feel to it (I use the hashtag #vswitchybujo on IG if you want to follow) as I am exploring the link between art and ritual more and more. One of my first spreads is the Wheel of the Year.

The design is adapted from Yaritza’s beautiful design. I added all of the cards I pulled for my year ahead reading. I also did a page for the five focus cards of 2019 that I pulled after doing Lindsay Mack’s The Threshold workshop.

I like the idea of having a space to hold the teacher cards for the year as well as all of my planning. I have a year at glance page where I can see when the different moon phases are.

I am still figuring out my system, but I start the month with a calendar. I will have three focus items on that page.

The following spread if for my monthly card. It is in two parts: the first part is for my initial interpretation of the card and then I will revisit it at the end of the month. The right page is for more detailed focus items. I don’t really use trackers but this will be a brain dump / to do page for each month.

I also have weekly spreads. The first one I did was Sunday to Saturday but I decided to change them to a Monday to Sunday week because that suits me better. There is always a space for me to put notes or ideas or to do lists.

I am definitely not a good stamper but I enjoy carving them and have a few select ones that I keep. I am so glad that now I have a place to use them.

In the middle of each month, I decided to add a check-in page. I will pull a card (or two) and then journal about it and anything else that is on my mind.

After the last two weeks of January, I added a projects page. I thought it would be a cool placeholder for all that I will be working on this year. that way, at the end of the year, I can come back to this page and view all my projects. I’ve already started filling it in as I have an idea for the 100 Day Project.

Most of the stickers throughout are from Freya Fennec on Etsy and Elly Mack as well. I also use my extensive washi collection.

I would love to know what you are using this year! Let me know in the comments.