In 2015-2016, Lauren and I started a long winded visual conversation. It sprang out of both of us wanting to get to know each other better by working together but also being afraid of it being awkward if we talked or hung out together online. We had collaborated on a zine for the Zine Squad and wanted to take the relationship further.
Hence the Dialogues art journal idea was born. We would each start a spread and add to an existing spread in this journal. I was going through a lot of anxiety facing my move to Beijing. Lauren was going through some family issues. We both needed to talk / art it out.

And so we did. Visually and with words. We sent the journal to each other maybe 3-4 times in all.

We had so much to feel, so much to say.

We tried out techniques and ideas.

We played off each other’s art and emotions.

The journal even travelled to Beijing and back again!

Just looking at these takes me back to how I was feeling and the absolute joy of complete freedom of expression in this shared journal.

I feel so deeply when I look at this completed journal. I am so happy with how it looks but mostly I am happy about how it makes me feel and about the connection Lauren and I share now.

Thank you Lauren for embarking on this adventure with me. I am so happy to call you a friend. You inspire me with your work and your resilience. xoxo, V.