The theme for the last month of 2019’s Painted Diaries was Found Words. This was a great way to end the year as there is a lot of flexibility in that theme. December being a particularly busy month, I appreciated this!

I decided that my found words would be the ones that my kids ask me about. My children are both avid readers and there is always a moment when they will pipe up and ask me what a word means. So I jotted these down in my diary along with their definition.

I love that there are words both in English and in French. As you can tell from the words, they are reading spooky books as well as books about mythology. Realtors is a standout, that one is from their homework!

I tried to change up my handwriting but I am obviously not a calligrapher ha ha! Sometimes, the image on the left went with the word on the right, even if that was totally unplanned.

It would’ve been nice to end this project with found poetry or something more creative but really, I had very little time for that. So I am glad that this month’s theme was easy to adapt.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely journey into the magic of words and now I have documented some of what they were reading during this time. Thank you Riet for a wonderful year of daily creativity!

I will not be doing a daily project in 2020 so I can focus on other artistic endeavours. But I highly recommend giving the Painted Diaries a go if you are interested in starting a daily art habit.