I love December’s 30 Days of Lists so much! I mean the chance to use my stash is actually so rewarding! It’s like a way of refreshing what I have as the year ends. Know what I mean?

This year, I also used a ring album (like last year). I love the format of this one: 9 x 10 inches. I have lots of room to showcase the papers, the embellishments and the lists themselves.

I used papers from different scrapbooking companies. Some I have had for a long time, some I got in Tokyo last October. Most of the embellishments have been in my December bin for a long time. I used old cards, book pages and wrapping paper from previous years too.

I am happy to report that I made a big dent in my stash and may even have to get a couple of new elements for 2020! That feels good in a time when I rethink my consumerism about art and scrapbook supplies. We’ll see what 2020 brings. See you in March, Listers!