I’m done! My 2013 Project Life album is complete. Phew! In the last two months, I finished this album, plus two mini-travel albums. Lots of pictures, but so very worth it.
Here we go for December, the week of the 2nd to the 8th, including an introduction insert.

I added an extra insert because my daughter lost her front tooth after it being loose for the longest time! On the right is when we went out to lunch to spend the tooth fairy money.
I had to put another big insert for the Sai Wan Commemoration Ceremony. This is an annual ceremony to commemorate the Canadian soldiers who died during the battle of Hong Kong in 1941. There was a massacre on Christmas Day and every year the Canadian Consulate commemorates the sacrifice made by these soldiers on the first Sunday in December. Although it could be weird to have these images during Christmas, I figured using red would tie it all in. Plus, this is our last year here so I wanted to document it.

Nest we have the week of December 9 to 15, which is on 3 spreads and included a great Christmas party and our trip to Siem Reap:

The week from Dec 16 to 22 has a small insert with some beach findings:

The week of Dec 23rd to 29 has another full page insert because we went to Hong Kong Disneyland. That was so much fun!

And then the next day was Dec 24rth!

And December 25th:

The 26th:


And then the days leading up to the 31st, with a Japanese photobooth insert:

On the right, the last night of 2013!

And the very last page of my album. Feels great to be done.

I’ll be sharing lessons from this year and my 2014 introduction pages soon.