Here are the final pages of our December; they also happen to be the last pages in my 2014 Project Life album. They are also the last pages I’ll be sharing this way. I don’t like the way the images are showing up so I will be changing the way I photograph and share my PL pages on the blog for 2015. More on that tomorrow.
In the mean time, here is Christmas Eve on the left and the first part of Christmas Day on the right:

The backside of the insert also holds Christmas day while the other half of the full spread is a mix of Dec 24th and 25th. This was our first Christmas with family in four years so there were new babies to meet and lots of playtime with cousins on both sides. That was definitely a highlight.

This spread holds the end of that wee, so Dec 26 to 28th. Those days were quite full but we did anage to sneak in some quiet time which I also documented.

The very last days of 2014 are in the next spreads. This one is Dec 29th through 31st. I really love the colors of this one: gold, shades of blue and white too. And pictures of my peeps (including a Skype session with my sister in South Africa)!

And of course, the final evening of 2014. I love this so much. It was a great way to end the year : champagne and lobster and friends (unfortunately we all got the flu the next day). I love the ‘staying in’ card by LifeLove Paper for Studio Calico, the ‘Cheers’ card from Jamaica Make’s Duly Noted set and the ‘dance ’till dawn’ printable by Analog Paper. The wine glasses on the top right are from an advertisement I hoarded from Hong Kong!
And that’s a wrap for another year. I still very much love documenting our lives this way and am looking forward to continuing in 2015. Tomorrow, I’ll share my plans for documenting my year with you.