The Context Behind This Project

In July 2021, the Sister Witches, Caroline, Emily and I decided that we would no longer be continuing Art Witch Academy. This was a hard decision in that we loved that project and we were willing to keep investing our creativity and heart into it. But it had become too much of a time consuming project without it allowing us to make it into a full-time thing. So we decided that we wanted to invest that creative energy in different projects. This kind of threw us all into a loop of questioning what is next.

I wanted to keep offering creative classes – this much I knew. So I started reviving this space and getting it ready for my future classes. Once AWA closes down definitively, the classes we created there revert back to us. I will likely repackage them and add them to my website or to a Teachable page. But that was just a part of what I wanted to offer. I started thinking about what it was I really enjoyed doing. Two things stood out for me: the Inner Heroine Allyship circles that happened in 2021 and the short stint Art Witch Academy did on Mighty Networks. I absolutely loved these spaces.

Coming together in circle is my jam, it excites me. I also know that I have a voice, I have things to share, things I want to delve into, thins I am curious about. This was a big part of the appeal of Art Witch Academy for me: having a theme to explore creatively, rabbit holes to fall down into. So I started thinking about where I could host creative circles. Mighty Networks, much as I loved that experience, is quite expensive if I wanted it at the level of membership I was looking at. I really wanted a space where I could write and interact with a community, but not an all access one like Facebook or Instagram.

Caroline had mentioned starting up a Patreon. I had never thought of that as an option for me because I don’t have a ‘product’ to sell like printables or art or happy mail. Then I took a good look at who I was supporting on Patreon. The people I support are doing all kinds of different things; their offerings are varied and not all of them involve physical products. So I started researching and talking to people (including Caroline) about what my options could be and I came to the conclusion that Patreon offered me a great space for what I wanted to do. The clincher was seeing that it integrates really nicely with Discord which adds a community space to the whole thing.

I commisionned my teen to make me a logo. I told them I wanted three elements: a skull, a crown and some radiating lines and this is what they came up with. I love it, especially the teen vibes it evokes from the lettering and the rainbow colors. If you are interested, you can follow them here.

The Main Idea

I want Dans Mon Crane to be all about my voice. What does that look like? It’s a space where lots of my inetrests meet and then expand into other directions. It’s a space where my archaeological background comes into play, where ritual and art witchery is centered, where Shadow Work and being brave is encouraged, where one month we can talk about vampires both from a fictional perspective and a scientific one and the next month talk about my favorite armour in Skyrim. And the tarot – there will always be the tarot.

This space I want to create is wide ranging because I am a Liminal Space Witch (thank you Freedom for pointing that out to me during one of our Inner Heroine Allyship circles). I am always in this space in between things. I am never all of one thing or another, I am constantly uprooting and changing and replanting. Death and Rebirth; the Fool and the World. It is something I often struggle with but that I have tried embracing instead, especially these last few years. I have tried to reset my thinking around this idea that being multifaceted is a bad thing or that it doesn’t make you legit.

The Tiers

For the moment, there are three tiers in all (it says four because one tier is offered in French and in English).

1- Holding The Keys – Thoughts and Musings

The Holding The Keys – Thoughts and Musings tier is the introduction to the monthly theme. This will be in the form of a Patreon blog post showing how it relates to the tarot. Each month, we will explore the theme through the archetypal lens of the tarot. We will provide some context around the subject matter in a 500+word text. We will create an exclusive card spread template, to help you delve further into your understanding of this relationship. This tier is essentially an entryway into using the tarot in the creative process. A list of sources and elements from various media will be added to invite you to dig deeper.

2Unlocking The Doors – Art and Creativity

The Unlocking The Doors – Art and Creativity tier gives you access to the previous tiers`s content, as well as getting a look at the completed artwork that pertains to the monthly theme. Each month, we will be exploring the theme through art and through the tarot. Building off the previous tier`s tarot spread template, we will create an art piece that explores the monthly theme. This tier allows you to see our finished artwork and is perfect if you don`t need detailed guidance to create around a theme. We will be sharing a list of prompts, ideas and techniques for you to bring to your art journal or medium of choice. Use this tier as a kick start to your own creativity. Finally, this tier gives access to the Dans Mon Crane Discord server where all manners of exchanges and discussions on the themes and on the cards will happen.

3- Entering The Ritual Circle

The Entering The Ritual Circle tier is where we come together for the full Dans Mon Crane experience. Once a month, during the third week, we will gather in an online circle for two hours. The first forty minutes will be a discussion lead by me about the monthly theme, about the tarot card(s) that is linked to the theme and offering guidance and ideas surrounding these. The rest of the time will be for creative play and dicussion in our art journals (or media of choice). These circles are a chance to come together in community, to exchange ideas and inspire each other. Some of the art exercises will be gently guided but these will not necessarily be technique based as the goal is to offer a space for each creatrix to explore their own voice and individual understanding of the theme. The first part of the circle will be recorded so that anyone who cannot make it may still receive the information I will be sharing. Once I have finished that exposé, I will stop the recording. This allows for anyone in the tier to have the show and tell part of the circle, but the actual exchanges that will happen during the circle will stay spontaneous. I believe it is easier for people to be vulnerable and brave when they are not being recorded. This tier also includes access to the Dans Mon Crane Discord server where it will be possible to share art spreads as well as any further discussion and ideas about what speaks to us.

I will be offering two ritual circles, one in English and one in French. This feels very exciting to me as one of my goals is to interact more en français! If ever there is the demand, I can gladly offer a second session in each language.

The Themes for 2022

Now for the fun stuff: the themes that we will be exploring through the year. I like to let people know in advance what we will be looking at in case some themes are more interesting than others. The it becomes easier for you to curate the experince you are looking for for the month.

  • February – The Saboteur
  • March – The Frustrated Heroine
  • April – The Liminal Witch
  • May – The Luminous Teenager
  • June -The Collector
  • July – Future Archaeology
  • August – The Bones of It All
  • September – Dark Academia
  • October – The Immortal Scholar
  • November – The Beauty of Decay
  • December – The Underworld Labyrinth

My Patreon is open now. Although we will be starting in earnest in February, I put in a couple of interesting things for you to look at on the Patreon feed. Thank you for being curious about this journey I am on and for your supportive words whenever I have talked about it on Instagram. It means a lot to me that the creative community that I am a part of online shows up in my life in so many different ways. Please also know that I do not keep tabs about who joins and who doesn’t! That will never be a criteria for friendship or interaction. We are in the midst of a pandemic and a huge paradigm shift and there is no way I would be offended if this offering is simply not for you.

You can find out more here.