I’m part of a Facebook group that focuses on habit building. We take turns hosting the group and it was my turn to do so in May. I decided to share my tips and tricks to be creative every day even without fancy supplies or with little time.
For the first week, we played an art journaling game, where I gave a prompt a day. After 5 days, we had an art journal page.

You’ll notice that this is the same picture that is in my Unfinished Spirits album. After this page was done, I cut it up to reuse it elsewhere. The woman ended up as is in the Unfinished Spirits album.

For the second week, I wanted us to use our own handwriting as script work. This is a fast and easy to document your day. And all you need is a pen and a piece of paper.

I was having contractual work payments problems that week (thank you Rihanna)!

Tomorrow, I will share the other two projects we did.