Oh boy, I’ve fallen down a new rabbit hole with Katie Licht’s Cut and Paste and Zinia’s Scrap Collage classes. I decided to combine the techniques in these two classes because they are both visually focused as well as being centred around collaging paper. And because I can’t just do a project without putting my spin on things, I decided to create a themed journal for this.
So this journal will hold beautiful paper scraps and things I’ve wanted to said to some people.

It has been so cathartic. There is so much joy in actually using that awesome tiny piece of gold paper that you’ve had in your scrap pile for three years.

I love the act of cutting and pasting. I love the idea of combining colours and patterns.

I love having a place to say what I need to. Even when you don’t want to put in any words.

(The Mother of Dragons is seen here judging my work)

I love finding a place for old discarded photos. I mean, who still has unfocused photos anymore? These have ceased to exist with our modern cameras. No more room for these happy mistakes.

Making pattern choices and colour wheels is so much fun.

I know I still have a lot to say and this journal will be filled up eventually. That is the other fun part: taking my time with this one. Cut and Paste isn’t available anymore, but you can find Scrap Collage in the Get Messy shop here.