September is a full month for me. There is lots going on, especially this year with our move to Shanghai, getting kids settled into school, getting ourselves settled in a new routine. I aslo participate in 30 Days of Lists, am running my Rituals class and am participating in Get Messy’s class at Creativebug.

I would like to share my pages from the Creativebug Gets Messy class because it is a different approach for me. First, I am using a spiral bound notebook for this. Whaaaaat? I know! Who even am I?

It has been super interesting for me to explore one page spreads rather than my usual 2 page layouts. It’s good to change things up sometimes. I am using techniques that I don’t usually do and that is also a good thing. Sometimes we end up always going toward the same types of material or techniques (and that is ok too) but I am learning a lot from doing this project differently. I don’t want to give away the class content but here are the first 15 days of the class.

Have you learned anything interesting by changing your art process lately?