The very last journal I got to work in was Katie’s Pink Lady! I have to say that I LOVE pink so I had a lot of ephemera to put in it. I had to pace myself.

The first page was very fun because it’s quite inclusive and now Katie has everyone’s initials on her first page!

The page on the right is mine, I like the dreamer/gamer dichotomy. 

There were some very cool gelli prints pages in the Pink Lady. I added some cutouts, transparencies, tissue paper and ephemera pieces

This was another fun collective page. I opted for coffee of course!

When I was younger, I had a really awesome t-shirt that said ‘Pink is Punk’. I wore it all the time, I loved it so much. So it was fun to revisit this idea on the page on the right.

Both pages are mine here. The left one has a watercolour landscape. It was made by a Hong Kong artist. On the right, is some photography by an artist who uses a special film that makes green look pink.

Because both sides of the photo were so beautiful, I turned it into a flap that opens up.
X marks the spot indeed.

Again, having fun with all the cool pink ephemera I had on hand.

The very last page had another fun collective idea, to draw your favourite animal. Because I had just a little space, I used some pink washi with lovely bunnies on it.

We are done! We managed to participate in 7 art journals, based on one colour. We each made pages in the others’ journals.We sent them back and forth across the globe! It’s been an amazing experience. the next journal that I will share is my very own, completed Gold Journal! I can’t wait for you to see the treasures it holds.

In the meantime, take a look at everyone else’s work: Lauren, Katie, Julia, Patricia, Karen and Sharon.