The colorful journals from the Get Messy Color Chaos group are making their way around the globe. I’ve mentionned already how much I’m enjoying this project. Especially the idea of just using one color at a time. I received Patricia’s White journal a while ago. White is not a color we usually focus on and it’s too bad because I loved it.

For this journal, I tried to leave some pages unfinished. Bases to be completed and added to by the other ladies in our circles.

Working in soft layers.
My approach for all of these journals is to play on the links between colors and words or expressions. For this page, I wrote all the French expressions I could find with the word ‘blanc’ (‘white’) in them. It’s amazing to me how they apply to such completely different situations. Like ‘montrer patte blanche’ means to show you are not a threat and ‘être dans de beaux draps blancs’ means you’re in trouble.
I did the same with this page. The expression ‘White Out’ I paired with a map and some words from Stephen King’s It and my own. Thank you to my Color Chaos sister Sharon for taking the picture!
But this page is my ultimate favorite! I’m forever in love with Orly’s stencils, I use them everywhere!