I LOVED working in Sharon’s Red Journal. I love that color and everyone in the world associates it to Nullsie so it’s a lovely match. Here is a glimpse of what I made…the first page uses STICKERS!

Here I built up on some triangles and pieces of washi.

This is one of my favorite calendar pages (by Ketto). I could only part with this image if I knew the person getting it would love it ! I added some French expressions using the color red and also wrote about what that color means to me.

Some doodling. I used to do this while in class.

I added this handmade Japanese paper to this page.

And used my Art Nouveau woman stamp.

This is a song lyric from a group that I loved as a teenager – a French Depeche Mode type group –  called Indochine. I recommend you listen to it while reading this post!

There is a flap that you can open to see the rest of the image. Just because I love flaps!

Of course I had to add a calavera woman.

Red is a very important color in the Chinese culture so I added this image that I had been saving all this time to put in this journal.

I inventoried all the various reds I have on hand.

And as a final conclusion, I sued my red ink through this stencil by Orly Avineri.

This was so much fun. There is only one more journal to share until we are done! So proud to be part of this group and amazed by all that we have accomplished 🙂