The Blue Mama, which belongs to Karen, was quite a challenge for me. I think it’s the format, working in landscape is always trickier for me. But I was excited to dive in (pun intended!) and came up with the following pages.
This first one is a collaborative effort, I added in some circles.

This one I left purposely unfinished for someone to add to it if they wanted.

This one has a secret message and doodles…it glows in the dark!

I put in a gelli print experiment (on the right) and some cool texture.

Blue reminds me of water, so I wrote out some names of geographic types of water in French and English.

I love the idea of keeping a journal as much as I love keeping one. Does that make sense?

Some thoughts about blue. I used this turtle that Katie made or found? I paired it with a magazine photo on top of which I put some modelling paste through a stencil.

And finally an ephemera page. 

I hope you enjoyed this blue journey. be sure to check out the other amazing artists in our Color Chaos circle : Sharon, Julia, Katie, Karen, Patricia and Lauren. You can also take a look at the #gmcolorchaos on Instagram to see all of the work we have been doing. These journals are getting so full!!!