Hey hey! Today I am sharing the pages I made in Lauren’s very cool Purple journal. I got mixed up in the order of sharing our pages so you get a double dose of purple today.
I have to say right off the bat that I love saying the word ‘purple’ and in French ‘pourpre’ with all those rolled r’s. I like the degrees of lilac that you get in a sunset.

There is a link between purple and texture for me, soft velvet petals, deep furry darkness.

We all thought of Purple Rain but before that there was Purple Haze!

I added a few elements to the pages below.

A couple of favourites: a peek-a-boo…

…and a washi tape page.

There are many hues of purple. I prefer the blue toned ones. But in general, it isn’t a colour that I use a lot. I loved being out of my comfort zone here.

I love using cast-offs and photo remnants in these journals.

Here is my favourite page: Chang’e and her hare next to the moon (made by Riet?)

Please take a look at everyone’s pages : Julia, Riet, Lauren, Moriah, Lauren and Sarah.