Last year, a few of us got together and formed a journaling circle. We each picked a colour and made a few pages in our journal before sending it out to the next person. We each got to work in different coloured journals and we ended up with everyone’s art in our own. We called it Color Chaos (you can read all about it by clicking on the project name on the sidebar of my blog). 
We had so much fun that we decided to carry on with this project. Some of us are returning, some artists are new. In the circle are Julia, Lauren Brown, Riet, Sarah, Lauren Blood and Moriah. We are calling the 2017 project Color Blast. Last time, my color was gold. This year it is grey.
Here is a look at the base for Grey Matter, before it went off on its journey. This journal is handmade with mixed media paper.

I like to start with an inventory of my color.

Most pages I kept blank or with minimal elements.

I want these elements to be a starting point for the others.

This spread was made during the airpocalypse we had here in Beijing.

Had to put a good skull inkblot in here…and Frida.

And Frida again. 

Some washi tape that can be taken off it the person isn’t inspired by it.

Last time, Katie had a color swatch page like this in her journal, which I love so I am borrowing her idea. I also like the idea of having everyone’s signature.

And some Grey’s Anatomy on the back cover (heh heh).
And there you have it. Grey Matter is already on its way to the next recipient and I am excited to receive my first color journal 🙂 Please take a minute to check out everyone’s journals by clicking their names in this post.