Green is not easy for me. I find it really confronting and cannot get out of the leaves/vines/jungle associations my brain makes. In any case, I loved working in this small journal!

I love Lauren’s modern/graffiti/punkette style so naturally I added a whole lot of stickers to her journal.

Some elements are just there to serve as a base for the other participants!

This spread I did vertically.

 This is one of my favourite pages: documenting green teas!

More awesome stickers!

I couldn’t help but add every one of my green washi tapes 🙂

And when I think green, I think of the Wicked Witch of the West and of jealousy.

I hope I did this lovely journal justice. Thanks for coming by, please click the names to see everyone else’s pages: Julia, Lauren, Moriah, Lauren, Riet and Sarah.