Every Monday for the Season of Connections I am sharing some of the collaborative journals I made this year. Today, I am sharing a personal favorite, my collab with Cait Sherwood. 

Last year, Cait and I were featured on an episode of How She Creates about bringing depth to your work. We have two very different processes when it comes to art journaling but our approach to the practice of it is similar.

I feel like this art journal is a great mix of both of us. I definitely stretched myself here, especially with there being no journaling.

Words are usually the final step in my art journal spreads. But this journal was started in the spring, during the Season of Contrast when I felt I didn’t need so many words anymore.

So I just went with what felt right and I believe Cait did that too.
The journal feels finished to me…except for the pags below….I feel like I may add to them.

We’ll see. It sometimes feels good to step away from my usual style.

Still really digging the accordion journals and how the way you fold them makes different types of spreads.

The continuity/disruption appeals to me.

 Thank you for embarking on this with me Cait!