Just thought I’d do a little check in on my OLW. I’ve been really commiting

+ creatively :
-by art journaling
-by hosting a creative month in one of the FB groups I’m a part of
-by participating in the My Details class
-by working on my CT projects
-by being fully into the 100 day project

+ to being present:
-with the children by spending one on one time with them
-with my husband by making sure we have time together
-with my friends by writing and communicating with them even when I am far
-with my family by trying to be supportive through difficult events

+ to taking care of myself:
-by being conscious of what I eat (most of the time)
-by putting thoughts and efforts into my portrait series
-by reading interesting books
-by getting to bed early (most of the time)

Still very appreciative of my word. Still not commiting to exercise though. That one’s a toughie for me.