There is so much talent in the Get Messy community. It is so diverse and inspiring. A lot of us have online shops or create such wonderful objects and art that I wanted to share some of what I have gotten from Get Messians.
My most recent acquisition from Jennifer (@stitchandletter):

The incredible handmade journal that Kate(@meduna) sent me:

Torrie’s (@foxandhazel’s) beautiful prints (I bought two for my sister’s twins):

These amazing printables from my Zine Squad and eternal art crush Julia (@jules_tea):

Nina’s (@imapapernerd) super cool printable sets:

I’ve also played with Lauren’s printables and photo brushes. I’ve gotten a bunch of paper goods from Elizabeth’s shop (and have you seen those Fauxdoris?). I’ve gotten some amazing stamps from Felicitas. I’ve been checking out Tanyalee‘s shop and also Rebecca’s and keeping an eye on Gretchen’s and Katie’s.

I have taken some amazing workshops / classes like Caylee’s Level Up which changed my life…

…and Kristin’s Awesome Ladies Project Scrapbook community which rocks…

…and participated in Amy and Kam’s 30 Days of Lists of which I’m a big fan.

My point is just to showcase some of the talent that is in this group. You don’t have to be a part of Get Messy to check out these ressources, but just imagine the type of inspiration, encouragement and exchanges you get if you do join! 

I am sure there are so many more shops and workshops to check out and encourage. Please leave me your links in the comments, I’d love to check them out.