Misty and I had a conversation a while back on a book she had shared. It was an old book thought to be about alchemical processes and written in an invented code that no one has cracked yet. That gave us the idea to do a Book of Spells. So each of us made a base then we added some very basic elements to the pages and sent it to the other one. I absolutely loved working on this with Misty. Our styles are different but complement each other very nicely. I kept my book with very little writing, most of what is there is from Misty. The themes are herbs, love spells and the witch’s garden. Here is a look at my finished book.

Just look at this texture!

Throughout the journal, you can see I used my new stencils by Roxanne Coble.

I love adding flaps and secret doors to my journals.

This was a wonderful collaboration. Thanks Misty! Be sure to take a look at how she altered the book I made for her.