Oh, the places you will go! Indeed. We have returned from an incredible summer vacation. We travelled 380 km, in a big loop from Gatineau to Gaspé, to Shippagan, to Old Orchard Beach and back again. It has been a fulfilling trip.
Going to all those places takes time. The travelling time was about 6 to 8 hours whenever we’d move from one place to another. That is a long time to spend in a car. But when you have a sketchbook or an art journal, that time becomes something you look forward to.

I loved working in my Rustic Artisan. It was lightweight and so easy to carry around. Yet it holds its shape and is sturdy enough not to warp. I did take it to fairly humid spots and it still kept its shape.

Slowly but surely, the cover has taken on the signs of travel : slight marks, scratches. Nothing disfiguring, just telling the story of this well-loved journal.

The pages were just the right size for me. Lots of room for little vignettes, that is what I like. But if you are a person who likes to fill up the whole page, this size is also good for you since it’s not too overwhelming.
The pages took the watercolor wonderfully and I tried various techniques, including soaking the paper. I definitely love this paper grade !

All in all, I think you can tell I am smitten with my Blue Sky Papers journal. I thank them wholeheartedly for this opportunity. I loved collaborating with them.
I will definitely be using my Rustic again soon…actually, I’ll be taking it with me to San Miguel de Allende for an art journaling workshop I’ll be attending in September. It will be interesting to see how it holds up to acrylic paint and the other techniques we’ll be trying. I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂
Thank you Blue Sky Papers for this lovely collaboration and for the gift of this sketchbook.
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