Hello friends. I am so very excited to announce a collaboration with Blue Sky Papers. You may remember my beautiful Constellation Sketchbook that I used as my South Africa travel journal? You can see part one here and part two here.
I loved working in that sketchbook so much. Well, it seems the good ladies at Blue Sky Papers loved it too. They reached out to me to see how I’d like to work on a collaboration. I was so honored and surprised and immediately said yes. They made me this gorgeous Rustic Artisan Sketchbook.
They even personnalised the cover of the sketchbook for me. I was really touched that they did this.
The inside is filled with artisan watercolor paper. It is so dreamy!

I love everything about this journal : the orientation is just how I like it (that they adapted it especially for me!), the size is perfect, there are three signatures so it isn’t too bulky, it lays really flat and I love that there is room between the signatures. This means I can fill in the journal and it will not stress the spine. I wish you could smell the leather too.
So what are we going to do with this beauty? We, and by that I mean I, will use it once again as a travel journal. But this time with a nature inspired theme. Every time I go on a vacation, I love to bring my watercolors and sketch while I’m at the beach or just hanging out. This year, I’ll be visiting different environments : the forest, the sea, the boardwalk. So I will be documenting these travels in my Rustic Artisan.
The first thing I did was create my watercolor palette. The fact that there is a sheet glued to the front cover is perfect for doing just that. I love the way the paper holds the watercolors. I look forward to exploring this medium as I’ve been meaning to get back to regular watercoloring and sketching for a while now.

You can follow our collaboration on Instagram under the hashtag #blueskyinthewild. I will also be doing a weekly post here on Mondays, showcasing the week’s travels and sketches. I hope you’ll come by and be inspired.

Blue Sky Papers is a small bookbinding company. Following their Instagram feed made me realise all the work that goes behind running and promoting a small business like this. The women who work there are all inspiring and I can really say that it would be my dream job to work with them!

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