Welcome back! I thought I’d show you how (and where) I’ve been using my Rustic Artisan sketchbook. One of my favorite beach activities is finding seaside treasures and then drawing them.

The watercolor paper in the sketchbook is amazing. It has a lovely texture. The pages are heavy enough not to flop around in the wind too.

The size of the Rustic Artisan makes it easy to carry around, but not too bulky. Lots of room to draw on the pages too.

This is a different beach from the one above. Isn’t it amazing?

The leather cover is just starting to have some wear and markings on it. I love this part because it really makes it mine.

Because I knew I’d be painting seashells, I brought my opalescent white from my Kuretake set. I just popped out the pan and put it in a small ziploc style bag.
It came in handy when I found this amazing rock.

I immediately put it in my sketchbook (and my bag, it’s coming home with me).

See what I mean about the perfect size for drawing stuff ?

Next week, I’ll be sharing more of my drawings. See you then!