Hello friends. Today I’m sharing my first images from my Rustic Artisan sketchbook from Blue Sky Papers. I shared my watercolor palette already, but here is the cover that I made last week.

‘Le Grand Tour’ means ‘The Great Walkabout’. Underneath are the three places we’ll be visiting during our vacation. I did make a mistake for Shippagan and as watercolors are not as forgiving as acrylics, I had to improvise!

We spent ten hours on the road, so I had plenty of time to sketch. With my travel watercolor set and the Rustic Artisan journal being an easy size to manipulate, it was easy to pass the time this way.
Here are my completed first pages. ‘Dans ma valise’ means in my suitcase.
Scenes from the road. Clouds are hard!

I like to sketch while looking at pictures on my phone too. It helps me get the proportions right. What do you think? 

I love everything about this journal and am having a blast working in it. This sets the tone for my other #blueskyinthewild posts. Hope you’ll come along!