As you may or may not remember, I was away during the first part of the Season of Kindness. Having less time to create and having brought less supplies on my travels really helped to pare down my approach to this Season. I chose to do a Kind / Unkind journal. I started from both ends of the journal, on side being Kind and one side being Unkind. I tried to explore both facets of each theme.

My process was two or three gouache colors laid on  the page and then a drawing with a black Posca pen and a thinner ink pen.

It was very interesting – and sometimes hard – to find the shadow aspect of kind acts.

For this, I revisited one of the most influencial books I have ever read: La Chute by Albert Camus. in this book, a man realises that he has been wearing a mask all his life and that most of the kind acts he commits are really for his own ego.

I wanted to have something that rang true for me for this Season. Not just words that are thrown around in put on motivational posters. If you know my work, then you know I need this personal approach to create something real.


Working in a contrasting way like this helped to make this project authentic for me and I was able to explore this notion of kindness.

It definitely mirrors a process I am myself going through this year. Funny how that happens!


Because I was travelling most of the time and because I was planning on moving my blog to this website, most of these did not get to the link ups.

Which is why you have this long photo heavy post! In any case, if you are still reading, thank you for being here. On to the Season of Play!