Ack! A real scrary trip into dark territory! The top drawer of my bedside table is the home of anything and everything I don’t feel like actually putting away or throwing out. I always say ‘i’ll deal with it later’ (see? magical thinking again!!) and then I forget.

For this list I had a very busy background and I didn’t want to clutter it too much. So I went with ledger paper, my photo and two small office embellishments.

So…most of these are self explanatory. ‘Old wallets’…I really love the wallets I use, so when I change (not often) I just can’t throw the old ones away. They end up here! I also have necklaces I want to repair…and one I wear regularly. Rocks, yes I love rocks and I have them all over my place and the ones I’m not sure where to put end up here.
Thanks for showing me a clean-up is in order 🙂