Very proud of this one! The theme for March at babes Send Things was ‘weakness | strength’ and the technique was collage. Perfect theme for me! So I made this collage for my partner.

Noelle is a yoga goddess. She has been dedicated to trying new things and I really admire her flexibility and talent. I’m impressed by how she can put her mind to something and follow it through.

So I wanted to transform this woman into a cheerleader, to show how something that can be considered a weakness can be transformative. I brush scripted my sentiment around her. I love the energy that comes out of this piece and I love that Noelle put it up on her wall!
And how cool is it that the day I sent this off, I recieved my package from her? This is what I got :

She sketched out her favorite yoga poses! I LOVE IT! Going to try them out and use these lovelies for sure.

You can sign up for the next round of Babes Send Things until March 28, so hurry up and do it! You won’t regret it.