This month’s theme for Babes Send Things was Obscure/Luminous and the medium was photography. This is the first round with our new partners, it’s always a little intimidating at forst because we don’t know our Babe yet.

I decided to make a tiny quote book that my partner could carry around with her and be inspired by when needed. I asked her if I could screenshot some of her selfies and print them out. I turned them to black and white and printed them on computer paper.

I also took some pictures of the light going through the blinds in my house. I paired each picture with a quote about light or dark.

This mini-book has lots of places to hide tags or cards in.

I used some scrap papers to decorate the pages.

I love making this type of tiny booklet. I made some for Mother’s Day in 2013, the link to the tutorial I used (by Marcy Penner) is in that post.

Bring on May!