Hey! Another month, another Awesome Ladies Project sketch challenge! I loved this month’s sketch, it was exactly what I needed to be inspired. I decided to turn it into the introduction page to our trip to South Africa last month. Here is my contribution :
My second project is one that is very close to my heart lately. I’ve been thinking about some of my issues, especially pertaining to self-esteem. I’ve come to realise that I like it when people see me as I am and I want to see others as they are also. I want my children to grow up to be confident, caring adults. So I thought I’d give them a place to tell me in their words about who they are.

So I made each of them a mini-book. I used different 6 x 6 papers so that they would have lots of blank pages for their drawings and collages. I took an Instax of each of them and put it on the first page.


 I decorated a few pages using the Second City embellishments, but left loads of space. This is for them to fill in. I sometimes added prompts but not too many.

I even snuck in a Currently card! Can’t wait to see what they’ll write down.
They were SO excited when I gave them their albums. I can’t help but share their reaction here 🙂


Tonight is Awesome Ladies Night! Come and join us for a live chat and prizes here :