Art Witch Academy is a project I have been working on in collaboration with my sister witches Caroline and Emily. We have been working so hard to bring this vision to life and it is finally here!

Art Witch Academy is a membership based website where we explore the links between art and ritual. The site features rooms that contain a number of lessons that blend all things witchy and art. The rooms are the Library, the Laboratory, Herstory, Seminars, the Broom Closet and Orientation. There is something for everyone – from book reviews to out of the art journal lessons – as our teaching and learning styles are different from each other. Emily is our Goddess resource, Caroline is so talented at exploring symbolism and I like to focus on archetypes.

We are so excited for you to join and explore the site. The membership costs only 30 usd for three months and the content is updated after each semester ends. You can find more information or sign up by going to or by clicking here.