A few weeks ago, I hinted at a project that I was working on but that I couldn’t share yet. Well today I can. I won a seat in an art journaling workshop led by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli. Gabrielle introduced my fellow art journalers and I to a few different archetypes. They are a little bit like personality types but more closely related to your identity or your core self. Basically you set aside the 8 archetypes that you feel best reflect who you are.
You can find the course on discovering your archetypes  here : http://gabrielle.usefedora.com/courses/discover-your-8-guiding-archetypes
Once we had identified your archetypes, we were encouraged to make art journal spreads about them. I really liked this process. It was fun to think of myself differently (some of my archetypes really surprised me). Gabrielle will be publishing a book about art journaling your archetypes in 2016. She runs a Facebook group associated with the class which is great because you can interact with her and find out more.
Here are my pages. This first one is for the Warrior and the Liberator:

The silhouette sticker was provided by Gabrielle.
I love my collaged phoenix.

This second spread is for the Goddess and the Creative. I am so loving this color scheme.

 Neon pink is hard to photograph. This spread is really vibrant in real life.


This third spread is for the Hedonist, one of my more powerful archetypes (!). There is probably some Goddess in there too 🙂

And, finally, one I’ve shared here before : this was done with the Mother and the Eternal Child in mind.

So all in all, I can say that I really liked taking this class. It is more about thinking differently about yourself than learning new art techniques. But I was really inspired and still am. I feel like Gabrielle’s class has inspired me to see myself and the people around me in a different light. And I like to document that type of thing in my art journal.

Go take a peek! Once again, the website is here.

Disclaimer: I won a seat for this class and did not pay the course fee. All opinions are my own.