My sister is pregnant – something she has wanted for so long – with twins to boot. But it is a high-risk pregnancy. We all have been on an emotional roller-coaster, and her and her husband most of all, trying to make sure these girls are born and have a chance at a healthy life. Lately there have been some difficult moments. So I made this page for her, for them. It’s called Stay (you are loved).
I’m an atheist (or pantheist); in any case, I don’t pray. Not in the sense of praying to someone/ something/ to many in the hopes of having that entity hear me. But I do believe in the power of holding up our own through our thoughts.

Supporting them by channelling our energies on our loved ones. I believe that we can give hope and strength in this way.

That is what I’m doing here. Sending them my good vibes, making sure my sister knows the she is surrounded by our love and support. Concentrating on these girls’s hearts and faces so they keep growing and stay strong so I can meet them.

Shared with her permission.