Hey there, thanks for coming by! I have about 6 spreads ready to share, but I will pace myself! I was at home most of the week with my boy which means lots of creative time and I got Messy in my art journal. This first spread was done using Orly Avineri’s stencils available here.

I’m not a pro at using stencils but I do love trying out new things. For the woman on the left, I used my black Zig Photo pen and my white Uni-Ball Signo to outline and then fill in the stencil shape.

I’m trying to add more elements of my own creation to my pages.

For the woman on the right, I used white gesso and a cosmetic sponge to dab it through the stencil. I then outlined the skull. I think I may have had too much gesso on my sponge because I lost some of the details especially around the teeth. Well, live and learn!

I started this second spread while I was in the waiting room at the hospital with my son. I just glued down the photos and started drawing random triangles. With the holidays upon us and family reunions looming, I have been thinking a lot about what binds us and how we see our parents as we get older. The article about relationships with our parents was a happy find.

My relationship with my mother has/is changing since my father passed away. I’m not always comfortable with how she reacts or talks about him. I have to have that talk with her, the ‘I’m not your friend I’m your daughter’ talk.

There are subjects that are not easy to talk about with your parents, especially when you know more about a given situation than they do. It’s a fine balance between telling someone how their actions make you feel and telling them off. Doubly so when it’s your mother.

Finally, this spread.
No, I cannot.
Enough with killing children, enough with killing innocent people having coffee, enough with men grabbing guns and killing people in the name of a God who probably doesn’t really demand it at all (if he/she/it is even there) and because they were unable to seek help even though it is all around them.

Can’t stand that bullshit anymore.