Yes, I know that Get Messy is on a break until Feb 5th. But I do love the idea of sharing my art journal pages here on Thursdays, so I’m keeping up the habit. Just not numbering the week anymore 🙂
The first spread I want to share is the introduction page to my Moleskine number 7.

Each time I start a new journal (I use the big Moleskine sketchbooks), I like to make an introductory collage. I use my favorite papers from various sources. I always include my name or the letter V and I put in the number. That way, I can go back and see my evolution.
I made that face on the right, by drawing with my sewing machine. I do want to make more of that. Lots of goodies here from various paper packs including LifeLovePaper, Jamaica Makes and Katie Licht.

Some vintage papers I had on hand, loteria cards, business cards (like the little masked girl by The Black Apple), washi tape.

And these gorgeous constellation stamps from Japan.
My second spread is an art journal one about some things I’ve been struggling with lately. Being the depositary of everyone’s stories sometimes takes up all the room and I forget where I stand in this process.

Lots of layers here. You can tell I am continuing the exploration of the techniques learned in San Miguel. I really like what comes up to the surface when I work as a blank slate with no preconceived ideas.

Family shadows and long lost confessions.
Thank you for coming by. I will be sharing my pages here every week until Get Messy returns in its new format in the new year. I hope you’ll join me!