March was a difficult month for me, with the death of my father and our subsequent trip to South Africa to take care of his affairs. The return to Hong Kong was difficult and made harder for me because of a disagreement with a longtime friend. So there was a lot of soul searching and grieving and art journaling and creating. These are my outlets, my therapy.
Here are the last pages for March: from the 24th to the 30th.

March 31st to April 6th. This week was about me finishing my two last work contracts in Hong Kong, going back to being a blonde and spending lots of quality time with my better half.

April 7th to 11: this is a short week for a couple of reasons. I had a colonoscopy on the Friday so the preparation for that intervention made it hard to go outside. Everything I did was within the confines of the house. So I kicked it up a notch and started making and binding some small notebooks for the Handmade Hong Kong market coming up in May. The ‘happiness is homemade’ card was perfect. The ‘You and Coffee’ calligraphy is an image of a print by Jasmine Dowling which I ordered and can’t wait to hang in our new home.

On the 12th, we left for a week’s vacation in Da Nang Vietnam. This was planned since before my father passed and we really needed it. It was a week of healing for me, of letting go of a lot of things.

Of course, when you are in such a beautiful and inspiring place, it is impossible for me not to take 10 000 pictures and want to place them all in my PL album! So there are 9 double pages for this vacation…oh well!

We mostly stayed at the hotel, except for one afternoon when we visited Hoi An. It was a bit tourist-y, but still very cool to see. Unfortunately, the constant whining emanating from the kids made it hard to appreciate the surroundings! Luckily, there’s a card to document that too!!

The rest of the week was spent relaxing and taking in the beauty of the sea and spending time together.

This is one of my favorite spreads ever. No need for embellishments or journaling. The pictures say it all.

We came back to Hong Kong on the 19th. Easter was on the 20th, so we had the chocolate egg hunt in the morning and then met up with some friends for a beach BBQ. The Easter printables are a free download from Mei Li Paperie. I added the bunny ears with the Line Camera app.

And just like that, the month of April was almost over! After our return, the kids still had a whole week of vacation. It was a little more difficult to entertain them since there was lots of rain in HK. April 21st to 27th: lots of oureveryday adventures. The white card on the bottom left side is from a gift certificate, there is some pearlescent writing on it but it doesn’t show up on the picture. On the right, my daughter and her best friend. They are very aware that they will be separated soon, so want to spend as much time together as they can. Sunday was a hard day for me, so that ‘Not my day’ transparency was just perfect.

And there you have it. May already! Only 2 months left before we leave Hong Kong.