The other day, I picked up a piece of canvas that had been lying around and painted it blue. There was an old painting on in that I had used to test some paints, made with oil-based paints. I decided to make another Mystic Jackalope, but a small one this time. I figure it would look so sweet in a nursery.

I love putting in the foliage (using a new sage green acrylic tube that I bought last week). But I especially liked scratching out a few lines, to give the impression of depth and wild grass.

I wanted the jackalope to be seen from the back, with her head over the shoulder. But I got my perspective wrong and she looks like she’s looking down. That is ok with me!

I put in the rest of details and that is when I noticed….The oil-based paint underneath this painting is showing through. You can see the pink hue on the body and since I’ve taken this picture, there has been some pink showing through on the face also.
I love it!

You can get prints and even an iphone cover featuring this on my Society6 profile right here.