So, do you remember last week’s beautiful background? I wanted to work on it. My problem is that I get really attached to images or backgrounds and have trouble being daring and covering them up. I had an idea that I wanted to try. But instead of going with that, I made this face using gouache and a bamboo brush (I was working on something else).

I hated the face. Like really hated it, especially the eyes. So I made it into this:

Ewwww. Totally worse. So it became the great big black hole of despair.

Ugh. I was quite frustrated. So before going to bed I thought about how I could save this spread. I pulled out some of the beautiful paper fodder that my Instagram friend Hillary sent me. I just lay down all of the pieces that were inspiring to me and then went to bed. Note the smaller black hole of ‘what was I thinking? should have stuck with my original idea’ on the left page.

When I got home from work (and a great day doing things I love in the archaeological world), I arranged the pieces and glued them down.

It’s growing on me. There is something that wants to emerge but I’m not sure yet. I think I’ll let it sit awhile and try to listen closely to the whisperings coming out of the wise woman’s eyes. They are quite expressive.

I might go with my original idea and incorporate all of it here. Basically, I just wanted to share the fact that you (or I or any artist) will not love everything that comes out of you. And that is ok. That is how you know when you’ve hit the mark with the ones you do love.

Thank you Hillary for these beautiful images that saved my spread 🙂 x