It has been such a pleasure to discover Sketchbook Skool, the guest artists for the Season of Play at Get Messy. I love listening to Danny and Koosje speak about their sketchbooks and what they have brought to their lives. Actually, the way they speak about sketching is close to what I feel about art journaling. In wanting to bring more sketching into my art practice, I decided to enroll in two classes: Sketchbookery by the incomparable Mary Ann Moss and A Zillion Ways to Fill Your Sketchbooks by Sketchbook Skool.

I made myself a really cool sketchbook using hot press watercolor paper and leftover scraps of other types of paper. I went for a hybrid Full Tilt Boogie / Sketchbookery style book! Mostly it was because the cover I wanted to use had a spine that was too small for the stitching MAM does in her class. Not matter, because I absolutely love it!

I’ve already started doing the exercises for the first week of Sketchbookery, mainly blind contour drawings and paying attention not only to what you see but also the negative space around it. These exercises are really fun. MAM is so good at helping you get over that “getting started in my pristine new sketchbook” fear.

 My favorites are the hands, I had so much fun doing these. Blind contour drawings are some of my favorite things to do.

A few other Messians have decided to join in and so we created an accountibility group to keep us motivated and to share our tips on pens and techniques. We all decided to do like MAM and draw blind contour portraits of the other members of the group in our sketchbooks.


I love listening to the videos and reading up on the ressources on Sketchbook Skool. They have lots of free stuff to help you along as well. The mix of these two great websites works really well. The Zillion Ways class is very different and mostly examines all of the possibilities relating to types of sketchbooks with the idea of really making them part of your art practice. I play the videos while I sketch things. It’s so meta!